Tuesday, January 11, 2011

OM Kids Yoga Center is opening in Pawtucket


Elyse Rotondo massages the feet of her charges during her children's yoga class at the Brown Street Park in Providence last summer.

One of the coolest stories we covered last summer was the opening of the Brown Street Park, a magical place in Providence with unusual exercise equipment, interesting art and a beautiful community vegetable garden. Bob Thayer, the photographer on the story, returned to the park many times, always finding something new to photograph.

One of the most memorable events that day was a children's yoga class, led by Elyse Rotondo. The best part was when she had the kids do the warrior pose. Elyse played Beach Boys music and told the kids to pretend they were surfing. Every now and then, she would say, "Wipe-out!" and the kids would tumble to the grass.

Saturday, Jan. 8, Elyse is having a free open house at OMKids Yoga Center, her new business in the Hope Artiste Village, 999 Main Street in Pawtucket, also the site of the Wintertime Farmer's Market. The open house is scheduled to run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Watching the kids with Elyse is so much fun.

Article by Tom Mead, Providence Journal. Bob Thayer photo.



We thought it was going to be a quiet winter at Brown Street Park, but we just received the okay from the Providence Parks Department to build a temporary Outdoor Ice Skating Rink (near the community garden). We are so excited to have sledding and skating at BSP. We need your help. We are asking families that like the idea to help sponsor therink in the range of $10.00-$20.00 (If you haven't made a tax deductible donation to FBSP lately, please consider making one for this rink). We also need volunteers to help build the rink on an afternoon to be scheduled, volunteer to maintain, and to remove in early March.

Let Wendy know what you can do wendy@friendsofbrownstreetpark.org by Monday, January 17 as we would like to have the rink built and operational by January 23rd.
  • Donate (please let us know what amount you would like to contribute)
  • Help build (requires one afternoon to lay the frame and lay the waterproof membrane
  • Maintain (we need volunteers to clear the ice after sno or use our homemade Zamboni to clear the ice when it gets choppy)
  • Remove the Rink in early March (A couple of hours to remove adn store until next winter

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