Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Brown Street Park Skating Rink Update #3

Brown Street Park wasn’t been totally at rest this winter; for the first time we put together a skating rink for everyone to enjoy. The bad news is that we got a late start in the season and there were technical challenges and not enough sustained cold weather to allow skating.  The good news is that we learned a lot about putting a rink together and have a tremendous corps of volunteers who will be ready to install the rink in the winter 2011-12 skating season.

 We want to thank all the following Park Penguin Sponsors who generously supported construction of the rink!

The Emperor Penguins $300-500
  • The Abby Stranahan and David Ward Family
  • Jim Larkin and Graphic Innovations for our signage
  • A+ Automotive Repair and Snow removal
  • Site Specific, LLC
The King Penguins $50-100
  • Polly Walker
  • Maria Goncalves and Joe Miller Family
  • Patricia Bacon and Family
  • The Pedro Dal Bo and Anna Aizer Family
  • Leah and Rob Murphy
The Adelie Penguins $10-30
  • Elyse Rotundo
  • Kate Bowden
  • Sheila Craig
  • Justin Boyan and Amy Greenwald
  • Rachel Atlas and Family
  • Jen Carpenter
  • Julia Bush
  • Barbara Weindling
  • Kimberly Worrell
  • Kate Lohman
  • Joe and Stacy Paradise
  • Sandra & Jeff Smith
  • Kara Kelly and Family
  • Rachel Atlas and Venditta Family

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