Sunday, February 13, 2011

Brown Street Park Skating Rink Update #2

We are so thrilled with all the Penguin Sponsors (see website that have contributed to the Brown Street Park Ice Skating Rink as well as our tireless corps of volunteers (Pedro Dal Bo, Mike Paradiso, Herman Vandenburgh, Matthew Hruska, Peter Crump and Jim Intinarelli From Site Specific, Sheila Craig, John Doerr, Brad Miller, Allen Copp, Lt Picozzi and the North Main Street Fire Station crew and the Providence Parks Department).

This has been a very difficult winter to start an ice rink, but we keep trying. The good news is that the rink materials have been purchased or donated, and we have learned a lot about making skateable ice in Rhode Island. Therefore, an install in November 2011 will be a relatively simple one. 80% of our work this year (every weekend since January 14 when we were given approval to install the rink), has been dedicated to snow removal or prepping the ground to make it level. Our attempts last week to fill the rink during a period of below freezing weather (we need 5 consecutive nights) was thwarted by monstrous winds that rendered our waterproof membrane unsealable. We are waiting to try again with some new technology (super sticky marine tape) as soon as temperatures plummet. Stay tuned.
Thanks for your patience, Wendy and Friends of Brown Street Park

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