Thursday, November 8, 2012

Over 700 Celebrate Halloween 2012

Curious how many people it takes to put on an event like the Halloween parade and games in Brown Street Park?  Here goes!!!  Thank you to all Fiends of Brown Street.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful night. From set up, to cleanup, and all the wonderful moments in between, the evening was magical. We were so fortunate to have a semi-dry park and over 700 Fiends come out, on what could have been another stormy night, to celebrate community…because more than anything, that’s what last night was really about.

  • Mayor Taveras, we are so grateful to you and your family for sharing your daughter’s first Halloween with us and for leading our parade. 
  • Ani, Marylee, Jason and Jason, thank you for facilitating the Mayor’s visit and being part of the festivities. Chief Clements, it was wonderful to have your support.  
  • Lt. Ryan, you and your team were extraordinary (loved the costumes). 
  • Beth, thank you and your team for helping to spruce up the park and whisk everything away post party. 
  • Steve, we loved the addition of your Klezmer Group...perfect  music  and costumes for the event. 
  • Missy, Mike, Sasha, Dana and Amanda at Crossfit, thanks for all your help with decorating, the children’s activities, and clean-up. 
  • George and Christie, great obstacle course. Those webs were works of art. 
  • Christie and Lindsey, such fabulous work with the treat bag station. Kara, your wand craft was amazing and very glittery. 
  • Thank you for organizing the Parade route so well and all the behind the scenes work you did. 
  • Cali, the Wheeler School volunteers were priceless (Isabella, Courtney, Steph and Casey). It was wonderful that so many of them had helped out last year, and could lead some of the other volunteers this year. 
  • Amy and Sloane, thank you for all the hay and pumpkins from the Wheeler School…you know we love repurposing at BSP. 
  • Jonathan, thank you and your Parkour RI  friends for monkeying around (literally). We are grateful for the energy you bring to the park and our events. 
  • Brenda, thank you for the donation of the treats for the parade and for organizing the bags so well. Your support means so much to us. 
  • Anna and Pedro, thank you for the chocolate donation and for storing all this stuff in your basement.
  •  Rob, thank you and What Cheer? Brigade for another spectacular parade and party. We hope you had a little fun, too! 
  • Mitty, thank you for the sticky things for the treat bags, the webs and running around for last minute stuff. 
  • Carolyn thank you for the table, set up and beautiful smile. 
  • Bonnie, Chris and Renee (Whole Foods University Heights), that was the most nutritious and beautiful Halloween food display at BSP, ever! Bonnie, we loved that you were a banana. 
  • Mike Kelley, thank you for being the official unofficial photographer. 
  • Meg, thank you for being the unofficial official photographer. 
  • Allison, Ryan and Aiden Gaulthier, thank you for running the games. We love that your family does this together every year. 
  • Molly, thank you for the logo that endures and shifts with the season! 
  • Mike Paradiso, thank you for all of your behind the scenes work to make all of the games run smoothly. 
  • Wright and Jackson, thank you for the awesomely updated catapult and big fun. 
  • Amy, thank you for keeping us updated on the website. 
  • Dan and Heidi, thank you for hosting and treating the band and coordinating such an efficient cleanup. 
  • Kate and Andrew, thank you for your donation to help beautify the park so we can look spectacular all the time. 
  • Amelia, Olive, Alex, Emma, Mei-mei, Sally, Audrey and Maddie, thank you for so proudly carrying the BSP Banner for the Parade. Please let us know if we missed anyone
  • And WENDY who ran the show and made it happen

Here is the photo album!!

FBSP Halloween Parade 2012

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